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Alyssa Girard 

Referral Affiliate

Referral Affiliate: MACP student, registered psychotherapist (qualifying) 


Practicum Site and Supervisor:

CJS Psychotherapy and Consulting Services

Cynthia Schoppman


Alyssa is currently a Master’s level MA counselling psychology intern and is qualified to practice under the clinical supervision of an approved practicum supervisor. 


Hello, my name is Alyssa, I am a registered psychotherapist (qualifying) passionate about helping individuals through various life challenges. My therapeutic practice focuses on providing adult counselling services across Ontario, where I create a safe and confidential space for clients to explore and address their concerns. Whether navigating relationships, managing personal growth, or coping with life's complexities, I am committed to helping individuals achieve their goals.


I specialize in using client-centred approaches that emphasize the client's strengths and resilience to develop skills and enhance their well-being. My person-centred approach ensures I focus on helping clients figure things out about themselves and grow. I believe therapy can help individuals learn about themselves and become better people.


I have nearly ten years of experience in healthcare and emergency first responce, which gives me a unique perspective while showing genuine compassion and empathy. I am experienced in working with individuals from diverse backgrounds, allowing me to approach my work sensitively. Adaptability and patience are key qualities that I prioritize in my work, and I am dedicated to assisting clients on their journey toward healing and positive change. 


I offer services in both French and English, in person or online.

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