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ShyAnna Mercer 

Referral Affiliate

MACP student, Nova Scotia pre-registered Clinical Counsellor

Practicum site and supervisor:

J. D. Keough Counselling Services and Jennifer Keough


ShyAnna is currently a Master’s level MA in counselling psychology practicum student, who is qualified to practice under the clinical supervision of an approved practicum supervisor.


"Hello there, my name is ShyAnna Mercer, and I am a student counsellor currently undertaking my practicum under the guidance of Jennifer Keough, MA, RSW CCC-CCS.


Since childhood, I've felt drawn to the field of psychology, aspiring to become a compassionate helper. Over the past seven years, I've dedicated myself to this journey, immersing myself in psychology studies and volunteering across diverse organizations to hone my skills.


In my practice, my foremost goal is to create a welcoming, nonjudgmental haven where you can freely share your experiences. I believe in a collaborative approach, working hand in hand with clients to tailor therapy to their unique needs and goals. While I draw from various theoretical perspectives, I specialize in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to address clients’ concerns effectively. I am available by video or phone, and I offer evening and weekend appointments to tailor to your schedule."

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