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Kristof Lenart

Referral Affiliate

Practicum Site and Supervisor: MXN Men's Therapy Network and John Murray

Kristof  is currently a Master’s level MA in counselling psychology practicum student who is qualified to practice under the clinical supervision of an approved practicum supervisor.

"Kristof understands that sometimes this world leaves us feeling helpless and overwhelmed and that reaching out for help can be a difficult step. It is in these moments that Kristof’s caring and approachable nature shines through: When you reach out, you will find a safe and non-judgmental space and Kristof’s kind compassion and empathy. Whether you are moving through depression, anxiety, or other challenges, Kristof will work collaboratively to help you foster growth, resilience, and healing. He draws from a deep-rooted curiosity to see you for who you are while exploring your unique stories. He is inspired to help you navigate life’s struggles and challenges and to build a fulfilling and meaningful life. Drawing from his own challenges, Kristof is deeply passionate about guiding others through their unique struggles and hardships.

Kristof uses a person-centred and experiential approach, employing practical tools and somatic techniques that respect and honour the whole of his clients. He is dedicated to helping clients overcome painful thoughts, feelings, memories, shame and guilt.

Kristof’s diverse background shapes his approach. He is passionate about the healing power of psychedelics and has a love for trail running that keeps him grounded and connected to nature. Additionally, Kristof’s experience as an ER nurse has deepened his empathy and drive to help others."

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