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Kristin Sickavish

Referral Affiliate

Practicum Name: Boomerang Counselling Centre 
Supervisor Name: Brandys Evans 
Supervisor contact:

MACP Candidate 
Languages: English

Kristin is currently a Master’s level MA counselling psychology intern and is qualified to practice under the clinical supervision of an approved practicum supervisor. 

Kristin holds a Master’s degree in Special Education from UBC and has worked in the school system for 10 years supporting inclusive education. 

Kristin is passionate about supporting adults, children and families who are living with neuro-diversities. She takes a family systems approach and understands that each individual is part of a larger system and emotional unit that impacts so much of who we become, how we learn and grow. She is available for parent coaching and supporting all aspects of school, life transitions including moving into adulthood, divorce, entry to parenthood, grief and loss. 

Kristin seeks to support individuals as they navigate a variety of life’s challenges with respect to relationships, anxiety, depression and more generally ways of showing up in the world that foster autonomy, confidence, regulation and the resiliency to manage life’s stressors. She endeavors to create a space that promotes psychological and emotional safety where her clients feel empowered to be themselves and explore topics deeply personal and meaningful to them. 

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